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The D-day arrives with a tumult of emotions for the bride after the busy and long path of wedding planning. There is a sense of exhilaration and delight, as well as unexplainable stomach butterflies, but there is also a considerable amount of uneasiness, anxiety, crankiness, and dread. And rightly so, it is the life-changing event and beginning of the rest of your life after all.

Apart from seeing the emotional journey, you're also looking forward to your final wedding appearance! Endless useless thoughts will continue to cross your head till the day is done, but worry not beautiful brides and brides-to-be, we at kavani will be by your side making it a memorable event.

For everyone, the new and unexplored are always a little terrifying and a lot confused. It's fine to be worried, but don't stop there. Join forces with your best friends and have a memorable time. Wear the fantasy wedding gown you've always desired since you were a little kid and twirl till your feet hurt. After all, it's your wedding, and you want everything to be perfect.



Wedding Day - Tips to walk down the aisle!

Whether you want foliage bouquets, gentle romantic candles, or flower petals, your wedding ceremony's entry down the aisle is one of the most memorable moments. As a result, you'll want to get it properly. To produce something remarkable, your style does not have to be excessive or outlandish.

Here's how you strut your stuff (without tripping!) on your approach to the altar to make it a walk to remember.

Keep your bouquet at a lower level than you may believe. Ask whoever is bringing you down the aisle to connect his arm around yours, because you'll already be in place with your bouquet. Maintain a straight back and avoid hunching over. Relax and unwind. Don't worry if your arms aren't perfectly stiff. (They aren't supposed to.) You will appear stiff if you are stiff.

Finally, remember to smile! Show off those pearly whites and send the message to your guests that there's nothing else in the world you would choose over this day (because isn't that true?).



Walking the aisle while the mercury levels are soaring high?

Prepare to be confronted with a wide range of emotions! Summer wedding season has returned, bringing with it the pandemonium of the scorching heat and the excitement of the season. Make your wedding a spectacular affair by working out the details with these trendy summer-friendly themes.

These days, the white palette is omnipresent. A dress code of white or ivory would create a beautiful environment with understated decor. Aquamarine - From sea blue to sea green, every hue on this spectrum is gorgeous and invigorating, with enough energy to lift your guests' spirits despite the searing heat overhead. Metallic charm in the form of glorious gold and elegant silver has long been a feature of Indian weddings. The use of a metallic color scheme may enhance the splendor of your wedding even during the summers!

The variety of themes doesn't stop there; you may experiment with various color schemes and embellishments to make your big wedding ceremonies truly unforgettable.



3D floral appliqué is certainly taking over the bridal world in 2022!

3D floral applique adds a modern twist to a traditional fit. The flowery bodice with lace overlay contrasts well with the lace appliqué. While A-line dresses have always been a popular choice for brides, a new bridal edge is emerging, with visible boning and transparent lace overlays, frequently decorated with flower appliques, beaded details, or a pearly presence. This gown is ideal for the bride who wants traditional elegance with a modern twist and also for women who wish to infuse their bridal ensemble with a delicate yet powerful feeling of romanticism.

Many brides-to-be today believe in updating, and this fresh method is ideal for the bride who wishes to incorporate their favorite elements from conventional gowns. But, if you're still undecided, we can help you choose themes for any wedding style, no matter how unusual. Use this as a benchmark to finally cross this key choice off your to-do list and create the groundwork for your big day.



'The One for Everyone' - Kavani

Your wedding outfit is the most special outfit of your life. So for once, don’t just wing it, rather plan it. Take some time. Think about all the small things and celebrate your outfit in a way that only you would. Hopefully one of these wedding blogs gets your creative juices flowing and gives you amazing wedding outfit ideas!

A lot of Time. Patience.Passion.Dedication goes into the creation of special outfit. Hours of research, days of design detailing, and months of craftsmanship have brought each details alive. All this to ensure that when you own a saree from Kavani, you can proudly be a part of our modern luxe wedding.

Every bride still wants to feel special on her wedding day surrounded by her loved ones. For an intimate wedding, simplicity is the key! Instead of going over the top, opt for accessories that are easy on the eyes and compliment your look beautifully. Focus on flaunting your inherent beauty with kavani and highlighting your best features with our latest collection where we have ‘THE ONE’ for everyone



Moments with Kavani

Time and again, we have seen our kavani brides commanding attention with their impeccable choices. While there are many gorgeous and unconventional hues to choose from, nothing looks as enchanting as bridal outfits in White, Ivory, and pastel. We have a knack for combining the best traditional gold Kanchipuram and contemporary designs such as cutwork, lacy georgettes, sheer chiffons, Organza, delicate hand-embellished embroideries, and creating a unique piece for our brides Special day

The past year has shown us that love conquers all, we’ve seen our fair share of magic come out of a tough year. At every wedding, there is a little moment that happens before the big walk-down-the-aisle moment. It's when the bride takes that last solo walk. One that only she experiences and is hers to own, forever. Now, all we need is a time machine to go back and relive this moment. We at Kavani_bridals want to inspire our brides to create an unforgettable event that celebrates your personal style.



When your gown leaves our boutique!

You'll look stunning as you go down the aisle on your wedding day. You've put your heart, work, and money into your wedding gown, and you want it to last a lifetime. Here's all you need to know about caring for your gown.

When your gown leaves our shop, TRANSPORT it in a vehicle with enough room in the back seat for you to lay down. When you go home, hang your gown as high as you can, possibly on a door frame. Keep your gown in the bag to keep dust away. ONLY STEAM YOUR GOWN IF IT REQUIRES IT AND THE FABRIC CAN WITHSTAND IT! BEFORE putting on your wedding gown, APPLY perfume and hair spray since the mist from these items might produce stains. Dress carefully to prevent staining your gown.

STEP INTO YOUR DRESS and have your bridesmaids help you with your shoes. USE A TOWEL TO COVER YOUR GOWN BEFORE APPLYING ANY TOUCH-UP PRODUCTS, LIKE HAIR SPRAY OR LIPSTICK. AT LEAST ONE DAY BEFORE YOUR WEDDING, POLISH YOUR NAILS. On a silk garment, wet nail paint can lose color, irreversibly ruining the fabric.

WATERMARKS: blot gently with a clean cloth and dry. When dry, press softly with a hand iron if feasible. To absorb oil from MAKEUP, LIPSTICK, or any other OILY SPILL, gently cover with CORNSTARCH or BABY POWDER. Do not massage the affected region! Allow 15 minutes for the extra powder to settle before carefully removing it from the cloth.

Hope this helps! Thank us later.



The Modern Bride Take On Wedding

Less is more! Everything contemporary and current is in, brides and grooms are looking to make it a super chic affair cutting down everything loud. At modern weddings, we love, live, and laugh. We think of minimalism as clearing away the clutter, eliminating the frills, and being very intentional about what you choose on your wedding day. How modern brides have changed the way they choose from their attire to invites. 

  New-age brides are looking for best ways to blend culture with style importance to keep our traditional textiles alive has given a rise to brides choosing Benarasi saris which are regal and classics instead of going for trends that don't last. Choosing to be timeless is our motto. At Kavani we have covered every bride's wishlist from traditional to modern,  kanjeevaram to organza, heritage chikankari to  light sugarbeads, white to champagne you are covered.

Today's bride doesn't let anything bow her down. Be it a tonne of gold jewelry on her wedding or patriarchy, nothing can weigh her spirits down. The modern brides are choosing to keep it light! The bride today doesn't shy away from having some fun. It's time to ditch the sky-high heels and take a step towards a wonderful life ahead with comfort and style. we at kavani are always by your side to make you feel yourself throughout the process of your wedding selection and create a memorable statement piece that is only for YOU!



NEW COLLECTION UPDATE - 'Sparkle & Shine Edit'

Allow the day bride to shine. The Kavani bride, who is intended to shine brighter than diamonds and radiate a brightness that outshines everyone, places great emphasis on her D-day. Because your wedding day is the most unforgettable day of your life, we will make sure you dazzle to perfection. There's something incredibly warm about home weddings that instantly tugs at our hearts.

Our new collections is all about clustered sugar-bead, embroidery and embellishments. Whites and Pastels. Light and Heavy. Gorgeous and sophisticated for brides who are looking for modern bridalwear, Kavani has covered it all for you. Because every bride is different and unique in their own way, we provide customizations that will make you stand out while still allowing you to be loyal to yourself.

So if you are getting married sometime this season or the next, always choose a good quality fabric. Not only will the fabric stay put for years, but it also holds the sheen of the saree together. After all, there is something about a wedding dress, prettier than any other outfit in the world. A bridal outfit is indeed a glorious treasure trove for our memories, love, and eternal bond. We all are looking back at those moments and valuing them.




Wedding planning is fun! Planning the most awaited day of your life is one of the tasks that you look forward to. But it is also insanely tedious when you have a million things to plan and the most important being your "wedding look". Now that you have a wedding dress from Kavani that makes you feel like a queen, it's time to put the finishing touches on your wedding day look -- that means finding the right accessories to complement it.

Of course, on your wedding day, you want to seem like a princess, which is not your normal appearance. You must, however, appear to be yourself. After all, you'll have these photos to look back on for the rest of your life. On a similar line, you should resist the urge to go all out with your wedding day.

You may or may not choose to wear a necklace on your wedding day, depending on the neckline of your gown. If you're looking for wedding shoes, you might be tempted to go for a simple pair of white heels. However, keep in mind that your wedding gown will conceal your shoes for most of the day. So, why not have a little fun with your shoes? Don't forget about your updo, too. Consider integrating a bridal hair item, whether you intend to have an extravagant updo or allow your curls down to flow freely. There are virtually limitless choices to fit every preference.