Beyond Cultures - Nine Yards Of Wonder

Evoke a sense of ancient delicacy and timeless luxury, Evoke every muse around you with the muted hues of traditional timeless classic Kanchipuram sarees. NINE YARD WONDER - Where ancient delicacy meets timeless luxury. These luxury and elegant new additions to our site totally deserve a spot in your wedding occasion closet. Revive ARTISANS – At kavani every purchase you make, helps ensure livelihood for a family in this crisis while keeping the cultural heritage alive. 

Exude Royalty - Our workmanship animates elegance like no other, ensembles that exude royalty, the perfect balance of glamour and old-world charm. All about the details, very elegant but still accurate! Care - Wrap the saree in a muslin cloth and store it away from sunlight or store it in a hanging position in your cupboard – either way, you must change the folds every now and then to keep it glamorous for years, Thank us later.



Time & Again

Time and again, we have seen our kavani brides commanding attention with their impeccable choices. While there are many gorgeous and unconventional hues to choose from, nothing looks as enchanting as bridal outfits in White, Ivory, and pastel. We have a knack for combining the best traditional gold Kanchipuram and contemporary designs such as cutwork, lacy georgettes, sheer chiffons, Organza, delicate hand-embellished embroideries, and creating a unique piece for our brides Special day

The past year has shown us that love conquers all, we’ve seen our fair share of magic come out of a tough year. At every wedding, there is a little moment that happens before the big walk-down-the-aisle moment. It's when the bride takes that last solo walk. One that only she experiences and is hers to own, forever. Now, all we need is a time machine to go back and relive this moment. We at Kavani_bridals want to inspire our brides to create an unforgettable event that celebrates your personal style.



Care For 'Karigars'

The hands of the craftsmen who have quietly worked their magic into the delicate drapes we wear today have been the pillar to success.

we work with the artisans of different parts of our country to bring employment back and, simultaneously, sustain the craft. “Our karigars are the bedrock of the work we do. It is their dedication, skillful craftsmanship and attention to detail that makes every garment a work of art. Our outfits are a reflection of our vision, When a customer sees a product, they see a designer’s vision but it is our team of craftsmen who breathe life and timeless beauty into it.

We have an absolute passion and profound respect for craftsmanship. Whether it is embroideries, handcrafts form the very heart of our philosophy and design expression. Karigars are of fundamental importance, we care for them!



Wedding - one time affair!

Your wedding outfit is the most special outfit of your life. So for once, don’t just wing it, rather plan it. Take some time. Think about all the small things and celebrate your outfit in a way that only you would. Hopefully one of these outfit blogs gets your creative juices flowing and gives you amazing wedding outfit ideas!

A lot of Time.Patience.Passion.Dedication goes into the creation of special outfit. Hours of research, days of design detailing, and months of craftsmanship have brought each details alive. All this to ensure that when you own a saree from Kavani, you can proudly be a part of our modern luxe wedding.

While the size and scale of weddings may have reduced, every bride still wants to feel special on her wedding day surrounded by her loved ones. For an intimate wedding, simplicity is the key! Instead of going over the top, opt for accessories that are easy on the eyes and compliment your look beautifully. Focus on flaunting your inherent beauty with kavani and highlighting your best features.



‘ROMANTICALLY VOGUE’ - Modern romantic edge exuding elegance

A classic mermaid moment, Romantic edge yet modern silhouette enamored by the details and covered in lush textures exuding elegance. Dressed in an ethereal white gown for the civil ceremony, every bride looks nothing less than a dreamy vision.

Every design we create is made with love and care combining age old techniques with modern aesthetics. All our collections have been influenced by two aspects: the varied needs of an ever-growing clientele, and ensuring that we are consistent with our design ethos - luxury with comfort.



Reigning love for the timeless classic

The simple artisans of the amazing country create the most beautiful artifacts one of them being the famous Kanchipuram sarees, with their exceptional skill, the simplest tools and the dexterity of their hands, bringing back the ‘Magic of bygone eras, Reigning love for the timeless classic’

Weavers from Banaras to Kanchipuram, artisans to karigars the extra ordinary talent these people has been bestowed needs to be immensely appreciated. We feel privileged when we can contribute to their livelihood by bringing new design in this niche of white bridals. We feel these sarees are uniquely hand crafted and will be a real piece of divine



A mix of traditional and modern design layered upon ravishing textiles

Amalgamation of blushes and champagne over off-white sheer fabrics enhances the grace of these unique collection of wedding sarees from Kavani. Neo-traditional or modern, simple or maximalist, glamourous or subdued bridalwear, Luxe-fabric that is delicately embellished the finest fabrications and texturized with exquisite embroidery & contrast in monochrome metallics are used to glorify form.

A mix of traditional and modern design layered upon ravishing textiles perfect for weddings and other occasions. Throughout all there is a trait of elegance, a certain depth of hue, which we never loose.



The evergreen beauty of Kavani colours for bridal saress and gown

There’s something about white, cream and gold that never grows old! These colours of understated elegance, have stood the test of time and trends, and continue to be the favoured combination for Kerala Christian brides. As much as modern brides appreciate the look of the classic Kerala Kavani saree, there has been a rising demand for stylish embellishments that creatively compliment the personality

of the bride. Designers have definitely stepped up to the task; using traditional colours, they create bridal showstoppers with a play on fabric, lace and fine needlework.



Custom-designed bridal wear in traditional colours

Among many bridal brands, Kavani is one that stays true to Kerala’s traditional hues of

cream, white and gold. Kavani has captured the hearts of many brides, wedding planners and photographers thanks to their versatile bridal creations that are rooted in tradition, yet contemporary in their rendition.. Kavani sarees and gowns can only be found only in hues of cream, white and gold; yet the motifs and patterns they boast are inspired by Frenck knots, ribbons, beads, cutwork, fine needlework, Indian Ari and Zardosi needlework and more!A note for brides to be: You may be spoilt for choice in the burgeoning bridal market, but you want your wedding saree or gown to be the pièce de résistance, choose a designer/brand who is known for their pedigree in creativity and versatility. Meet them, detail what you see in your mind’s eye, and inspire them to create a masterpiece that is distinctively ‘you’!



Sarees or gowns – every bride has her preference

Six yards of pure elegance, that is the ubiquitous saree, will never go out of style in the Indian context; but there has been a shift in affinity from sarees to gowns, in the hearts of brides-to-be. Could it be the charm of fairytales weddings we’ve read about in books or seen in movies, or is it simply the desire of the modern bride to be distinctively different? Whatever the reason, bridal magazines are abuzz with laces, satins, veils and gown silhouettes that can be custom-designed to flatter any body type or complexion. Designers have their work cut out for them – to source the right fabric and get the right craftsmen to measure, cut and tailor the perfect gown, with the finest needlework and embellishments possible. But their greatest challenge is of course, pleasing the bride on all counts – after all, it’s her big day!